Monday-Friday served until 2:00 pm 

Saturday-Sunday served until 3:00 pm

(Toasties and Sandwiches served Mon-Fri until 2:30 pm, Sat-Sun until 3:30 pm)


Totally Teal Breakfast – £13.25

1 Sausage, 2 Rashers of Smoked Back Bacon, 2 Fried Eggs, Hash browns, Beans, Steamed Mushrooms, Baked Half Tomato and Toast (GF Available on Request)

4 Stack of American Pancakes 

With Banana, Whipped Cream and Syrup – £10.75

With Streaky Bacon and Syrup – £11.25

With Fruit Compote and Maple Flavour Syrup – £10.25

Kentish Breakfast – £11.25

1 Sausage, 1 Rashers of Smoked Back Bacon, 1 Fried Egg, 1 Hashbrown, Baked Beans and Toast (GF Available on Request)

Smashed Avocado – £11.75

with Chilli, Peppers, Onion, Crumbled Feta, 2 Poached Eggs on a bed of Fresh Watercress and Toasted Seeds on Sourdough with a Balsamic Chilli dressing and Crumbled Feta (GF Available on Request)

Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon with Sourdough – £11.75

(GF Available on Request)

Just Eggs – £6.50

Poached or Scrambled on Toast (GF Available on Request)

Crunchy Homemade Teal Granola  – £8.50

with Yoghurt, Seeds, Nuts, Dried Fruit and Fruit Compote

Omelette – £12.25

Choose two from cheese, ham, onion, pepper, tomato, bacon, and mushroom (extra fillings +1.25) Upgrade from salad to chips for +1.00

Eggs Benedict – £11.50

Teal Roasted Ham on an English Muffin with 2 Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce (GF Available on Request)

Eggs Royale – £12.20

Smoked Salmon on an English Muffin with 2 Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce (GF Available on Request)

Eggs Florentine – £11.25

Two poached eggs and wilted spinach on an English Muffin with Hollandaise sauce (GF Available on Request)

Vegan Breakfast – £11.50

Two Vegan Sausages, Two hash browns, baked beans, Steamed Mushroom, Baked Tomato and Toast (VE)

Banana Porridge with Honey – £7.50

For Vegan, ask for an alternative milk (+0.75) (VE)

Veggie Breakfast – £11.50

Two veggie sausages, Two fried eggs, Two hash browns, Baked Half Tomato, Baked Beans, Steamed Mushroom and Toast (GF Available on Request) (V)

Vegan Smashed Avocado – £11.25

With Chilli, Peppers, Onion, Baked Tomato, Steamed Mushrooms, Watercress and toasted seeds on sourdough, with a balsamic and chilli dressing (GF Available on Request)(VE)

Toasted Tea Cake – £4.50



Wholetail Scampi, Chips and Peas – £12.75

With Tartar Sauce 

Baked Potato and Salad – £8.75

With your choice of Cheese, Tuna Mayo, Coleslaw or Baked Beans, Coronation chicken, Chicken Bacon and Sweetcorn Mayo (extra filling £1.25) (GF Available on Request)

Teal Baked Ham, Eggs and Chips – £12.25

(GF Available on Request)

Southern Fried Chicken & Feta Salad – £12.50

Crispy Chicken breast, mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, pickled red onion, piquant peppers, crumbled feta and balsamic dressing

Homemade Teal Quiche, Sausage Roll or Frittata – £12.25

Served with your choice of up to 3 side salads. Check our salad bar for daily specials

Welsh Rarebit – £12.25

Kentish beer, cheddar cheese, mustard, egg, and Worcestershire sauce combined and spread on toasted sourdough with Salad, or upgrade to chips for +1.00 (GF Available on Request)



(GF Available on Request)

Teal Baked Ham & Cheese – £7.95

Brie, Bacon & Cranberry – £8.00

Go Vegetarian with a Brie and Cranberry for just £7.50

Tuna Mayo & Cheese – £7.95

Cheese and Tomato – £6.75



Double Bacon Cheese Burger – £13.50

Two 4oz Homemade Steak Burgers, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Crispy Onions, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and our Homemade Burger Sauce

Hawaii Classic – £13.50

Two 4oz Homemade Steak Burgers, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Cheese, Grilled Pineapple, Sweet Onion Chutney, Pickles, Lettuce and Tomato

Smokey Blue Cheese Double – £13.50

Two 4oz Homemade Steak Burgers, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Stilton, Crispy Onions, Spicy Peppers, Lettuce and BBQ Sauce

Southern Fried Chicken Burger – £13.75

Crispy breaded Chicken Breast, Smokey Streaky Bacon, Crispy Onions, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and Chilli Mayo

Breakfast Burger – £13.50

Homemade 4oz Steak Burger, Cheese, Smokey Streaky Bacon, Hash brown and a Fried egg

Magic Mushroom Melt – £12.50

Two Grilled Mushrooms, Melted Brie, Crispy Onions, Lettuce, Tomato and Sweet Onion Chutney

Roasted Beetroot and Quinoa – £12.50

Roasted Beetroot, Quinoa, Onion, Thyme and Garlic Patty Served with Smashed Avocado, Lime Dressing, Tomato and Lettuce

Halloumi Burger – £12.25

Grilled Halloumi, Pineapple, Tomato, Crispy Onions, Lettuce and Sweet Chilli Mayo



(GF Available on Request)

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber – £7.50

Fish Finger and Tartar Sauce Sandwich – £7.75

Cheese and Teal Baked Ham – £7.50

Sausage OR Bacon  – £7.90 (add an egg £1)

Chicken, Bacon and Sweetcorn Mayo – £7.75

Coronation Chicken – £7.75




2 Stack of American Pancakes

with Streaky Bacon – £6.85

with Banana and Syrup – £6.75


All Served with your choice of baked beans or peas!

Sausage and Chips – £6.25

Chicken Nuggets and Chips – £6.25

Simple Burger and Chips – £6.50

Ham, Egg and Chips – £8.00

Fish fingers and Chips – £6.25